Quality of Life Health Services, Inc.Quality of Life Health Services, Inc.
 About Quality of Life

It can be said that small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises and this is an appropriate characterization of Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. What began as one small window of opportunity has grown into the company you see today. A company made up of a group of dedicated, volunteer Board members and highly trained, qualified staff…lighting the way to better health care.

Rising health care costs and federal and state deficits have placed both public and private programs at risk. Numerous states with deficits have been cutting back state administered, publicly supported programs.

Besides these deterrents to health care access, additional barriers of language, race and ethnicity create situations whereby individuals are less likely to use primary care and preventive services, less likely to follow medication regimen and more likely to use the emergency room.

Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. has and will continue to be a light in the community, breaking down access barriers as we travel into an ever-expanding service area.

Quality of Life is lighting the way to better health by treating chronic illness with a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all facets of the disease process and employs patient self-management. Based on the success in the treatment of diabetes, our medical providers are convinced that this is just one chronic disease in which enhancing the patient’s role in treatment has generated positive results. Our plans are to further replicate this type of chronic disease management in the coming year.

Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. is lighting the way by working with state and local communities in meeting the critical challenges in maternal and child health. Our Maternity Care Program has established a seamless system that incorporates the social, educational and health needs of the patient.

Oral health is a problematic area of concern in the nation and is considered the most chronic childhood condition. Our youngest and poorest children living below poverty and between the ages of two and five have almost five times as much tooth decay as children from higher income families. Among this same group, 80% of tooth decay goes untreated.

Serious shortages in the health care work force exist and the pool of nurses and pharmacists is shrinking faster than the pool of workers training for or staying in these jobs. Quality of Life is lighting the way to better health by establishing an educational plan for our employees, and by channeling even younger students into clinical rotations through a cooperative effort with local high schools.

While the cost of prescription drugs becomes unaffordable, Quality of Life lights the way with a prescription assistance program that offers necessary medications at a minimal fee.

Quality of Life lights the way to better health by ensuring that quality control is at the foundation of all our programs. This comes about in the monitoring processes available through TJC, CLIA and the Bureau of Primary Health Care. Everything that this organization does would be meaningless without a commitment to quality care.

Our Board, staff and community partners make these accomplishments possible.  Our mission is far from complete. Each day as you work in the confines of our mission, stay ever mindful of our role in being a light to this community. Always remember William Penn’s words that “lighting another man’s candle by your own doesn’t cause your candle to lose its brilliancy by what the other gains.”