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Mission and Vision Statement

Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. Board of Directors believes that health care is concerned with the prevention of illness and the preservation and restoration of health.

Health care is “essential” and the right of every individual. Health care requires collaboration with a variety of professionals whose common interest is to strengthen the integrity of the human-environment relationship and therefore attempt to achieve optimum level of functioning and state of well-being.

  • To provide quality health care that will foster the development and dignity of the individual, family, and community regardless of ability to pay.
  • To contribute to the advancement of primary health care through promotion of projects, studies and research.
  • To provide leadership necessary for strengthening and improving the delivery of health care services to the individual, family, and community.
  • To provide a mechanism for collaboration and unification on theories and concepts of primary health care delivery.
  • To assist in meeting the health education needs of the individual, family, and community.
  • To assist students and other health care professionals to acquire a knowledge base essential to primary health care.
  • To develop and maintain a continuing education program based on the needs and varying background of primary health care professionals in the community.
  • To provide a mechanism for development of collateral and related services to impact on the delivery of comprehensive primary health care.

Vision Statement

To continuously strive to efficiently provide health care, service, and education which consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of patients, physicians, employees, and the community.