Telehealth services offer you quality care from the comfort of your home or anywhere. When you are unable to come in person for an office visit, you can use a computer with a camera, smartphone, or tablet with a cellular or WIFI connection for your appointment.

Our telehealth platform, Doxy.Me, allows you to connect to your provider via live video. This allows a provider to effectively diagnose and treat patients from miles away.

Telehealth can also be used to connect students to a medical or behavioral health provider without leaving their school’s campus. We connect students to services using mobile units equipped with telehealth equipment or in select rural locations, we place the telehealth equipment directly on-site at the school.

Through our remote patient monitoring (RPM) program for hypertension, we can better care for our patients. We use digital technology to monitor and capture patient medical data and transmit the information electronically to their health care provider for assessment of the patient’s health trends, development of the most appropriate plan of care, and to assist the patient in learning self-care management skills.

Our patient appointments and home monitoring are conducted on a secure network and the networks are fully HIPAA-compliant.

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