If you have symptoms of the COVID-19 (coronavirus):
Call your doctor’s office first. DO NOT show up at any of the QOLHS health centers if you have related symptoms. To speak directly with a Quality of Life Healthcare Team Member, please call:

Primary Contacts:

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QOLHS provides patients with an affordable “whole body” approach to medicine. QOLHS offers not only medical services, but a broad range of services from dental and vision, to pharmacy and behavioral health.

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Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal allows patients a reliable way to communicate with their medical provider. Patients can,

1. Request Appointments.
2. Receive and review patient plans, work excuses, lab results etc.
3. Request Medication Renewals.
4. Send questions to the provider staff.
5. Update personal information.

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We serve eighteen counties in northeast Alabama with multiple locations in Calhoun, Etowah, and Marshall Counties.

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